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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to achieve the life of their dreams through entrepreneurship, development, travel & self-care. With our expert guidance, support, and community of like-minded women professionals, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let's flourish beyond our imagination and what we ever thought was possible!

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Services Offered

  • Expert Business Coaching & Support for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Real Strategies For Success

  • Training & Support (I.e: Scaling Your Business to 7 Figures  | Marketing | Client Attraction | Building Your Brand, etc. )

  • Online Classes & Workshops

  • Transformative Travel Experiences

  • In-Person Mastermind Sessions

  • CEO & Personal Development

  • Online Support Community (New!)

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Our Story

About  The  Founder

Meet Cathy Griffin – Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

My journey began with a simple desire to fulfill my purpose and a yearning for more --from embracing authenticity to pursuing ambitious goals like leaving my corporate job to start a business,  and then to exploring the world. 

Along this path, I connected with countless women who shared the same aspirations. In this journey, Flourish Beyond evolved from a personal mission, to a vision to create a global tribe, uniting like-minded women seeking fulfillment.

I absolutely LOVE helping women entrepreneurs & professionals  flourish in their careers and in growing their own business while avoiding costly mistakes that can ruin their progress.  In addition, I LOVE to travel & inspire others to see the world as it has positively impacted my life by introducing me to new perspectives, cultures, ideas & personal growth which has empowered me through entrepreneurship.

Flourish Beyond was founded to share both of my passions and bring individuals together that not only want to flourish personally and professionally, but that also want to explore the world with other like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals while celebrating life & creating magical new memories.

As a mom, wife, travel enthusiast & entrepreneur that has developed  multiple businesses to 6 and 7-figures over the past two decades, my goal is to help other women realize their dreams in life and in business.


Often times women have shared with me that they want to start a business or take a adventure but are nervous due to fear of failure, they're not sure where to begin or because the "timing is never right". This prevents their adventurous spirit from taking flight. My goal is to empower these individuals to STOP waiting, proceed to their next chapter in life & become the best version of themself through actualizing their dreams!   

It's time to meet new friends & other entrepreneurs, build genuine connections and cherish life on our beautiful planet which was designed to be discovered & provide awe-inspiring moments. 

Some feel they need to wait on retirement to start focusing on their dreams, but tomorrow is not promised. My father passed at 58 (a couple of years after retirement) & my sister recently passed at only 49. I feel so blessed to have many wonderful memories of us traveling the world together & remember their excitement throughout every new adventure (including our entrepreneur endeavors).  I will treasure those memories in my heart forever. 

Join us in shaping a new reality of what's achievable. Together, we're not just leading; we're demonstrating that every woman has the power to achieve her goals in life and in business! Let’s invest in ourselves and Flourish Beyond our imagination & what we ever thought was possible. 

I look forward to meeting you soon! 
Cathy Griffin

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Join Our Email List & Get Real Strategies,  FREEBIES, Trainings, &  The Inside Scoop to grow your business fast!   
See You On The Inside.

Creating a successful business requires just 20 steps, & I break them all down in online training, "Starting Your Own Business: The First 20 Steps." I unveil the strategies I used to propel to 7 FIGURES into a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan.

Camilla Young, IL

“I cannot recommend Cathy Griffin enough! As a female entrepreneur, I was struggling to scale my business beyond a certain point. Her tailored advice and personalized strategies not only helped me break through that ceiling. I can tell she really care about me as a client and her focus on customer growth strategies truly sets her apart"

Crystal James, IL

Cathy is very patient and is a problem solver. She understood my vision and empowered me with the tools to turn it into a reality. With her assistance I was able to start my business and it is continuing to flourish and reach new heights I hadn't imagined possible. Her emphasis on attracting and retaining customers was invaluable..

Lisa Driver, MI

“Working with Cathy Griffin was a game-changer for my business. Her strategic guidance and support help propel my company to a whole new level. Within months, I saw remarkable growth that  I had only dreamed of before and I avoided many mistakes that I would have made if I did not have my strategy session with her and get started when I did. I really needed her expertise in cultivating a customer base. Thank you!”
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20 ideas - Flourish Beyond Downloadable- 20 Unique Small Business Ideas for First-Time Ent

Join Our Email List & Get Real Strategies,  FREEBIES, Trainings,&  The Inside Scoop to grow your business fast!   

See You On The Inside.

Video About  Our  Travel Experiences & Retreats 

Your Travel Experience With Us

We Specialize in Empowering Women in Life and Business,  &   Transformative Group Travel

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." ~Suzy Kassem

We celebrate women around the globe by fostering real community and friendship through travel.
Our luxe adventures are designed to help you see the world while supporting local, female artisans and merchants when possible.

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