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Creating a successful business requires just 20 steps & I break them all down in this training.  I unveil the strategies I used to propel to 7 FIGURES into a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan.  Join Our Email List & get Real Strategies,  FREEBIES, &  The Insides Scoop to grow your business fast!  

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Create Your Ideal Life & Business

Flourish Beyond provides:

  • Business & Entrepreneur Coaching

  • CEO Development

  • Personalized Guidance on How to Start &/or Scale Your Business to 6 or 7 figures 

  • Transformative Travel Adventures 

  • Personal Growth & Development 

  • Online Classes & Workshops

  • In-Person Mastermind Sessions

  • Wealth & Finance

  • Inspirational Content

  • Online Support Community with other like-minded women professionals (Coming soon!)

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Camilla Young, IL

“I cannot recommend Cathy Griffin enough! As a female entrepreneur, I was struggling to scale my business beyond a certain point. Her tailored advice and personalized strategies not only helped me break through that ceiling. I can tell she really care about me as a client and her focus on customer growth strategies truly sets her apart"


Crystal James, IL

Cathy is very patient and is a problem solver. She understood my vision and empowered me with the tools to turn it into a reality. With her assistance I was able to start my business and it is continuing to flourish and reach new heights I hadn't imagined possible. Her emphasis on attracting and retaining customers was invaluable..

Lisa Driver, MI

“Working with Cathy Griffin was a game-changer for my business. Her strategic guidance and support help propel my company to a whole new level. Within months, I saw remarkable growth that  I had only dreamed of before and I avoided many mistakes that I would have made if I did not have my strategy session with her and get started when I did. I really needed her expertise in cultivating a customer base. Thank you!”
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Join Our Email List & Get Real Strategies, Trainings, FREEBIES, &  The Inside Scoop to grow your business fast! 
I'll See You On The Inside.

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