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Live Your Why

Helping Women Entrepreneurs Flourish In Business & Beyond

Take Your Brilliance To The Next Level!

I need help...

Starting A New Business

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Scale My Business to 6 or 7 Figures & Attract More Clients

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Retreats & Travel Experiences 

Join Our Tribe!

Flourish Beyond is for women professionals just like you who want it all!

We provide Expert Business Coaching, Transformative Retreats & Travel Experiences, and Inspirational Content to empower women to actualize their dreams & experience happiness, freedom & success!


"I refuse to miss another opportunity!  I'm READY to Transform My Life & Business, Travel the World, & Live!"


Who Are We?

Our journey began with a simple desire for wanting more – from embracing authenticity & natural beauty to pursuing ambitious goals like leaving a corporate job to starting a business, & then to exploring the world.

Along this path, we connected with countless women who shared the same aspirations. In this journey, Flourish Beyond evolved from a personal mission among three sisters, to a vision to create a global tribe, uniting like-minded women seeking fulfillment.

Flourish Beyond isn't just a brand; it's a dynamic movement and a supportive sisterhood. Join us in redefining possibilities for women & setting examples that inspire others to follow suit AND let's flourish beyond together!

Create Your Ideal Business

Flourish Beyond provides:

  • Expert Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Real Strategies for Success

  • Personalized Guidance

  • Training & Support (I.e How to Start &/or Scale Your Business to 6 or 7 figures | Marketing | Client Attraction | Building Your Brand

  • Transformative Group Travel Experiences 

  • Personal Growth & Development 

  • Online Classes & Workshops

  • In-Person Events & Mastermind Sessions

  • Inspirational Content

  • Online Support Community with other like-minded women professionals

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Start Your Business The Right Way!

Creating a successful business requires just 20 steps & I break them all down in this training.  I unveil the strategies I used to propel to 7 FIGURES into a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan.  Join Our Email List & get Real Strategies,  FREEBIES, &  The Insides Scoop to grow your business fast!  

Join the Free Training & Let's Start Building Your Empire!

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About The Founder & CEO

Meet Cathy...

Over two decades ago, I found myself trapped in a corporate job that left me unfulfilled, juggling the demands of motherhood. Determined to break free from the stress, I embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship. After a couple of setbacks, I identified a passion in my community, starting a business that not only changed my life but also had a positive impact on others. Now, as a mom, wife, travel enthusiast, and successful entrepreneur that has started multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses in the past 23 years, my mission is to empower other women entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. I've grown through experiences and resources, and I am committed to creating a community where like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives can learn from each other and flourish together.

I am passionate about helping women avoid costly pitfalls in their business journey and sharing the transformative power of travel and retreats as crucial elements for success for women professionals.  It has positively impacted my life by introducing me to new perspectives, cultures, phenomenal people, ideas & personal growth which has empowered me through entrepreneurship.

Flourish Beyond isn't just a brand; it's a dynamic movement and a supportive sisterhood. No more rescheduling joy or dreams – let's invest in ourselves and Flourish Beyond our imagination. You're worth it! Join us in shaping a new reality of what's achievable. Together, we're not just leading; we're demonstrating that every woman has the power to achieve her dreams.

Ready to say yes to your Flourishing journey? Click Here to schedule a one-on-one connection call and take the first steps to starting or scaling your business to the next level! Or, Click Here to explore upcoming transformative adventures and retreats. Don't forget to join our new Insider Facebook Community to stay connected. I hope to meet you soon!

Cathy Griffin


Join Our Email List & Get Real Strategies,  FREEBIES, Trainings, &  The Inside Scoop to grow your business fast!   See You On The Inside.

20 ideas - Flourish Beyond Downloadable- 20 Unique Small Business Ideas for First-Time Ent
Working with Flourish Beyond has been a game-changer in my entrepreneurial journey. Cathy understands the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs & provided invaluable guidance and strategies to help me grow my business and attract more clients. Her expertise and personalized approach has truly empowered me to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend Flourish Beyond's services to anyone looking to thrive in their business."
Women celebrating a special occasion

Erica M, TX

Flourish Beyond  Travel Retreats & Experiences

Connect with other Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs, 
Luxe Accommodations,
Flexible Payment Plans,
& Roommate Match Available!
*Come Solo or Bring a Friend or Bae*


March  2024


Cairo / Aswan / Luxor


June 22, 2024

Punta Cana


March 15, 2025

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Connecting Women Through Shared Experiences

Why Choose Flourish Beyond

Our mission is to bring women together to connect, inspire one another and discover the world while building a community of genuine relationships.  We provide transformative coaching for female entrepreneurs, inspirational content and a growing a community of women professionals looking to flourish together.


In addition, Flourish Beyond offers life-changing travel experiences to some of the most incredible destinations on the planet!  Traveling and exploring the world can be a wonderful adventure for groups and solo travelers. Booking with our premiere IATA credentialed travel agency can make that journey even better. We specialize in upscale group travel management for women professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs & curate unforgettable travel experiences which include a balance of activities, sightseeing tours, cultural immersion, world-class accommodations, transportation, group dinners, workshops & other activities. We also provide easy flexible payment options and a roommate match options (if preferred) on many of our travel packages. We coordinate all of the details so our groups are sure to have a magical adventure.

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Elevated Group Travel

We'll Do All The Planning, 

You only need to focus on the experiences & your passions!

We've got you!

Life & Business Coaching

We're bringing women like you together to connect and flourish while building a community of genuine relationships. 


Dubai & Abu Dhabi

March 2025

Come Solo or With Your Bae or Bestie! 

*Roommate Matching Available

Special Savings thru 10/31/23

Don't Miss! Deadline to Register is 12/15/23


"Thank you very much for embracing me and making me feel like family. This has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! I can't wait until our next adventure!"

~ Chaneak H.

"In a season of my life when I needed to just be, this trip gave me time and space to do that. I was fully present and I'll never forget the experience. I would highly recommend traveling with Flourish Beyond!"

~ Ryan Elise

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"I finally got out of my head and into the wonderful adventure of traveling. Flourish Beyond made this a dream trip with a variety of fun activities and sights, delicious cuisine-that delighted my foodie heart & all with the added bonus of a great group of people to enjoy it with!"

~ Dorita C.

We Specialize in Empowering Women in Life & Business, and  Transformative Group Travel

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

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